Upcoming events

Sunday April 21st

Lagoa - 21.04 - Classic Sunday

  • Beats by top artists

  • Octave One
    know from their number one super hit Blackwater.

  • Frank Biazzi

  • Fred Hush

  • Bolle

Saturday May 4th

100 % LAGOA

We go back to the sound of our roots.  We invited 4 acts / ex-residents that know better the roots of our temple than anyone else!!
The date picked is Saturday the 4  of MayNo presale, only doorsale !!!
Friday May 17th

Ellen Allien at Lagoa "Alientronic Album Tour"

    • Ellen Allien

      Fred Hush

Saturday June 8th

Lagoa presents : Dj HS Birthday "The Ultimate"

  • YOURI PARKER (Cherry Moon)
    GEORGE'S (La Bush)
    PHI-PHI (Extreme)
    D-SILVA (Techno from Portugal)
    MANU KENTON (Lagoa)
     E-MAX (Le Tremplin)
    BABACK (qu'est ce que vous voulez ?)
    Dj HS (Lagoa)

  • room 2 :
    GUILLAUME aka WILL TURNER (Galaxie Radio)
    BIANCO (Lagoa)
    BOLLE (Lagoa)